1/ The prices:
    They are Exwork / Euros / Without VAT.
2/ Payment Method:
    40% Acceptance project. 60% Previous machine expedition.
3/ Offer validity:
    Two months.
4/ The approximate manufacturing time:
    Five months.
5/ Project Acceptance:
    A/ It is done by contract, specifying requirements, machine performance, guarantees and general conditions.
    B/ For the changes of requirements, after the acceptance of the project, it will be necessary to review the estimate and the delivery period.
6/ Testing and acceptance of the machine by the customer.
    When the machine is finished and tested by us in our factory.
7/ The price includes:
    Training and tests for the people designated by the client, in our facilities and for a period of one working day.
    Graphic material of the training process.
8/ In the price it is not included:
    The material required for training. The client must send it to our facilities, at their own expense and well in advance.
    Diets, travel and personal expenses of people who come for training.