Prices: MR-8 / MR-8-M machines.

Machines to manufacture: Paint rollers.

Machine to manufacture: Paint rollers. Model MR-8. Reivax Maquinas. Machine to manufacture: Paint rollers with assembling a plastic handle. Model MR-8-M. Reivax Maquinas.
Manufacture: Paint roller. Manufacture: Roller & Handle assembling.
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Manufacturing paint rollers Price
 Basic machine


 Cutting blade 3,630.00
 Tools for bending 4 models of paint rollers 15,400.00
 Optional Equipment: Tools (*) Price
 30 TM Press (Handle pinch) 11,000.00
 15 TM Press (Limit of the rollersd) 11,000.00
 Chamfering tool 13,200.00
 Chamfering tool in V 18,700.00
 Thread rolling machine with roller head 16,500.00
 Thread, Chamfering to CN with two axes


 Thread, Chamfering to CNC with spindle pattern 15,400.00
 (*) To specify the tools, the drawing of the rollers are necessary.
 Optional: Insertion the handle in paint roller (*) Price
 Insertion mechanism: (76.560 )  
    Group of insertion of the handle to the roller 49,500.00
    Handles vibrator 13,200.00
    Conveyor belt 3,960.00
    Extractor, clamp and regulation tools 9,900.00
 Bell to soundproof the vibrator handles (Optional) 3,300.00

 Handle tank for automatic loading (Optional)

 (*) To specify the tools, the drawing of the handles are necessary.
Optional: Include a motorized uncoiler for wire roll.